Home Automation

Your Smart Home Solution

Home automation starts with security

Control your entire home, even when you are not there. We offer a solution in which your alarm can either be armed/disarmed automatically just because the system detects your departure or arrival.  It also gives you the control to arm/disarm your security system remotely to allow a domestic worker to enter. You will be notified as soon as your loved ones leave or arrive at home; even your pets can be monitored. With life stream cameras you will no longer be in danger of arriving home and a stranger is there without your knowledge. The cameras also enable you to have audio feeds of your home allowing two way communication with the person on the other side. It can also detect when there is a fire hazard and notifies you, turns on extraction fans, and assists you by flashing the lights along the exit route.

Automate your home and lifestyle

The lights turn on when you enter the room.  Selected lights turns on when you arrive at home, automate the geyser to give you control when it has to be on/off.  When you are away from your home for a set time, your geyser would automatically turn off and will only come back on when you return.  When the system detects that you are 15min away from home it can turn on your coffee machine and start the air-conditioner so that your home could be cool when you arrive.  When it gets dark and you are not home, the lights will turn on and turn off automatically until it is bed time, to simulate presence. All outside lights and curtains/ blinds would turn on/off, open/close at sun rise/sun set. This in itself would create a challenge for someone to track your routines.


With one voice command you can change the whole mood to your desire. Just say “Date night”, and the fire place comes alive, your romantic play list starts, the lights dim, and the Jacuzzi gets ready. Or say; “Party time” and all the lights on your patio turns on, your favorite party play list starts to play, the pool fountains comes alive and all lights in/around your pool. Get audible notifications when there is someone at your door or whatever you want to be notified about. Play different music in all your rooms, or have it play the same music throughout your home. Team them up to give you 5.1 surround sound. Want to change rooms around? Simply move the wireless speaker to the next room. With a personal voice assistant you can control your entire home with voice commands. You can order online products with voice command, add anything to your to-do list/shopping list. Add any appointment to your calendar, and all of this would be updated to your phones calendar/reminders. Tell your home to read you your favorite book or play your favorite radio station.

Now your irrigation becomes smart & green

If the irrigation is set to come on at 18:00 but there is rain forecasted, the irrigation would not come on, or even when it rained earlier and the moisture in the ground is still good, the system would cancel the irrigation schedule.

Smart Cleaning

As you leave your home the robotic vacuum cleaner will immediately get to work and vacuum the floors, once it’s finished cleaning it will go back to charge.

Thermostat that programs itself, then pays for itself

A thermostat that automatically adapts as your life and the seasons change. Just use it for a week and it will program itself. 

What if … ?

…through one simple action like closing a door or security gate at night, it would set a series of actions in motion and complete some tasks in one go, such as locking certain doors, switching off selected lights, electronic devices and the air conditioner, while also setting your security alarm system status into a mode that would suite you.  Or what if your friend can send you an email with a pre-set “code” let’s say “open sesame”, and your sliding gate opens, the door unlocks, the alarm gets disarmed, the music comes on, and your coffee machine starts brewing?

Well we can do that and so much more. The possibilities are endless and we are limited only to our imagination and so we customise the system so suit every customer’s needs.